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At Ottawa Foot Practice, we deliver outstanding care to informed patients in our world-class state-of-the art, comfortable and convenient Ottawa foot clinic.

There is an art to providing outstanding patient care.  It begins with listening; is nurtured by caring; and perfected by knowledge and experience.

These elements combine seamlessly at the Ottawa Foot Practice; with the result that our patients can feel confident they are in the best possible hands of one of the most trusted specialists in the field in Canada. Patients travel from across the nation to visit our clinic; we are so honoured to serve them.

And that’s only the beginning. If you are suffering from sore feet, heel pain, pain at the ball of the foot, painful infected ingrown toenails, sore and unattractive bunions or hammertoes, unsightly nail discolouration | nail deformity | fungal nail infection or unresponsive plantar warts, there is immediate help.

Informed Patients

Our team firmly believes that informed patients make better decisions in regards to their pedal or foot health. That is why you will find extensive information in this website covering a wide array of topics associated with foot conditions and podiatric medical conservative and innovative treatments. You are welcome to look through these pages whenever you have a question, an interest or concern about your feet.

Exceptional Quality Care

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We Provide Relief From a Variety of Conditions

You may be in need of a laser pain therapy for a limiting foot condition as plantar fasciitisAchilles tendonitis, joint pain, Capsulitis or Neuroma. Your condition may require custom-made orthotics, a gentle nail side excision technique compatible with a diabetic condition, innovative nail restoration and nail braces services, fungal nail or plantar wart laser therapy or any issues involving your feet, you need to turn to an experienced foot specialist who counsels you on the best options to treat, and the best ways to maintain and improve your foot health. Opt for a friendly doctor of podiatric medicine who listens to your needs, knows the field in-depth and can effectively assess your foot condition(s) using a highly sophisticated digital X-ray analysis before the best possible treatment plan and options can be designed and communicated to you before commencing any treatment modality. Our Ottawa podiatric medicine office meets all these criteria. Plus, you benefit from a dedicated team of trained professionals who give you the individualized attention you deserve.

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